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Girls’ Night Out by TakaraPOV

Why was I included in this?

Because you’re too cute!  And there’s not enough fan art of you lol.

Even with a mostly monochrome design, Riquis still stands out. ;)

AH- I-
THANKUUUUU!!! Its perfect!
(Why do people always draw me so tall?)


This is such a surprise! Thank you guys so much! I’m really happy that you like it.


Headcanon Analysis: The New Elements

I haven’t said very much about the magical box Twilight got from the Tree of Harmony. I believe that there will be a new set of Elements of Harmony in it. Why? I’ll explain. 

If you look closely at Twilight’s crown at the end of Magical Mystery Cure. It looks to me like they somewhat altered it, to make it look more like a tiara. So, what’s the point of changing Twilight’s crown if she was just going to get rid of it later? 

Also, every who’s ever gotten a sort of rainbow-colored glow in their eyes so far, has shown a moment to which their element matched. Rainbow Dash’s Loyalty to the Ponyville Relay, Pinkie’s Goof-Off hinted a bit of Laughter, Rarity’s friends forgiving her after her outbursts in Manehattan involving Generosity, and Fluttershy’s Kindness and Hospitality towards the Breezies when they got lost. That’s 4/6 so far. 

I’m not exactly sure what they’ve got in store for AppleJack, but someone on Youtube mentioned that Discord’s Friendship Necklace with Twilight, from the end of “Three’s a Crowd” could be her half of the keys. She doesn’t really like it now, I get that, but I really hope they find a way for Discord to be a valuable commodity to the Group sometime soon. 

One more thing: Look at it this way. The Elements of Harmony are the greatest means of protection in all of Equestria. Do you REALLY believe the writers would just GET RID of them? 

Headcanon Analysis: Magic Auras

Have you noticed that a lot of the characters on MLP that use magic, their horn’s aura matches their cutie mark? I think I have the answer as to why.

Do you remember in “Boast Busters,” when Spike foreshadows on how ponies can ONLY use magic based off their special talents? Well, I’ve noticed that Twilight’s horn aura matches the color of her magical spark cutie mark. And Rarity’s aura matches the Three Blue gems on her flank.

I know it’s not like that with every unicorn on the show. Maybe their parents just aren’t pureblood, meaning neither one are the same species. I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t alter it. 

Also, that clear colored aura used throughout the first season on Rarity and Twilight, that’s probably because after time, their magic got stronger, and they learned more spells. Either way, their horns’ auras are more or less revolving around

1. Their Special Talent

2. The Spell they’re Casting

3. How Powerful the User’s Magic has Become

4. (Un-important Explanation) The Species of the Parents

I’ll continue my work on this theory, and see what I can do to broadcast some foreshadowing in the future.

I think I understand how Twilight’s Test in the Crystal Empire was to see if Twilight was ready to be Princess. 

When a kingdom is in the middle of a crisis, like say, under attack or in great famine (if the terminology is correct), the ruler of that kingdom will need the help of neighboring ruler as a last resort. 

With that, they are able to provide extra food, supplies, artillery, and security for the home empire and its residents. 

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